Tour of a Frugal Home Pt 3

This week I am taking you on a tour of our home – or at least the rooms that I don’t have to kill myself trying to make presentable.  The first part of our tour was of our front room, the children’s bedrooms, today I will walk you through the kitchen.  Due to a surprise case of bronchitis my bedroom (which contains the only major store bought purchase in the house – our mattress) did not get clean so this post will be a little lean - but I don’t care, look how shiny my kitchen got!



What you’re missing to the right is simply a tiny floor-to-ceiling pantry, a fridge, a sliver of counter, a sink and another sliver of counter.  This room is in sore need of more cabinets and counter space, but we’ve made do!

Dishwasher: Craigslist!  And we use it so often that it is normally out in the middle of the room like an island too big for the space.

Tea kettle and toaster: wedding presents – we bought the garbage can that I adore with wedding money too – it is barely visible next to the dishwasher.  I’ll admit that was frivolous – but before our money makeover!

Microwave: I don’t even know

The “nun” table: this was a hand-me-down from my parents who actually bought it at our church convent that was shutting its doors!  Look at all the counter space!  We put it on risers to fit the plastic tower drawers underneath for some much-needed storage.

The wicker basket: I believe I originally bought it in a pair to keep clothing neatly contained on my closet shelf but two were just a little too big to fit nicely side by side - so I repurposed one as our inside recycling bin.  It is on a wicker stool I got at a garage sale to keep it up away from the kids and our slow cooker fits just so nicely underneath!

Conference center: This is our most recent update to the kitchen on what was a big blank wall. You can kind of see it to the left.  It extends all the way up to the ceiling and was being given away for FREE at my office!  It opens and closes with one inside door being a bulletin board with push pins where we keep our menu plan and shopping list, baby-sitter instructions other important things.  The other has a giant 3M note pad suspended on it.  The center is a HUGE dry-erase board where I can draw my monthly calendar and each day is actually big enough for all my notes with room at the top for static info for the babysitter like our address and phone numbers and emergency contacts.

A big thanks to my dad and my husband for securing it to the wall for me – it sure was heavy! I LOVE it!!!!

The only major thing you can’t see on the left is another floor display little TV – seems frivolous – but makes it so much easier to get help in the kitchen – especially during football season!

We’ve been featured!

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15 thoughts on “Tour of a Frugal Home Pt 3

  1. I love your “nun” table! It looks very useful, and it reminds me of a long coffee table we used to have that we called “that table her mother-in-law used to sleep on” because that’s what the lady at the yard sale told our housemate about it! He took the table when he moved to Boston. It was indeed sturdy enough to put your full weight on; none of us ever slept on it, but it often got used as seating during parties.

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