From Kitchen Towel to Baby Bib: A DIY Tutorial

So, I have two kids under two, and until recently I had not yet sorted out a bib situation. CJ always hated wearing them and would rip them off, so rather than fight him on it I just resigned myself to changing his outfit after every meal. Then I blinked and all of a sudden Noni is old enough to start solids too and I CANNOT DEAL WITH ALL THAT LAUNDRY.

I had the idea to get some pullover cloth bibs because, in addition to discouraging unauthorized bib removal, I could just throw dirty ones in my kitchen hamper with my used rags and then wash them all at once–no extra laundry!

I was sorely tempted to buy some super cute pullover bibs on Etsy but then I finally overcame my case of the gimmes and I decided to make some myself out of kitchen towels. I found just the ones I needed at Gabriel Brothers, a discounter chain ’round these parts. Packs of four 16″x19″ microfiber towels were $3 each. I loaded up! (I really wanted to use some neat vintage towels, but alas none turned up during my thrifting rounds so I made due with new).

So what you will need for this project is a kitchen towel and just a little bit of a stretchy knit fabric for the neck. I found a yard of knit fabric at the thrift store for $2, but you can also cannibalize an item of clothing that you don’t like. That was my original plan before the fabric magically turned up in the thrift store.

So here’s what I did:

IMG_87261. To make the neck hole, find a bowl or another circular object that measures approximately 4-3/4″ across. Place the bowl on the WRONG side of the towel and position it so that it is centered vertically and that there is at least 10″ of towel below the bowl (this measurement is going to differ depending on the size of towel you use. Just make sure it is at least 10″ and you should be good).

IMG_8705 2. Trace around the bowl with a fabric marker and then cut out the circle to make the neck hole.IMG_8710 IMG_87113. Cut a 3″x13″ strip of your stretchy knit fabric.  IMG_8713  4. Fold the strip in half lengthwise then sew a seam down the rough edges, making a loop of fabric.IMG_87165. Fold the loop down on itself so that it looks like a turtleneck. IMG_8719 6. Start pinning the neck fabric to the RIGHT side of the towel, matching up the rough edges of the neck fabric with the rough edge of the neck hole. Stretch the neck fabric as you go to make it fit all the way around.IMG_8721 IMG_87237. Sew the neck fabric to the towel with a 1/2″ seam. IMG_8725 IMG_8727And there you have it. This project cost me less than $1 per bib in materials and about 10 minutes of my precious nap time break. So far they are working out great!


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My name is Eva and I am wife to Nemo and stay-at-home mom to CJ (age 2) and Baby Noni. I am always looking for new ways to live richly on one income. I cloth diaper, make my own cleaning supplies, hunt down deals in thrift stores, and much much more!

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